Coyotes define state fitness

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt Emily Alley
  • 190tth ARW/Public Affairs

Senior Airman Celestina Johnson was preparing for her fitness test last August when she suddenly found extra motivation to score 100 percent - the Adjutant General's 12th Annual Physical Fitness Competition, on Sept. 19 in Salina. It was hosted by the SG Battalion of the 235th Regiment, Army National Guard. The competition challenges participants to meet the Army's Fitness standards. She along with Senior Airman Edmund Guterrez inspired 7 other members from the 190th ARW to do the same. 

"I took the opportunity as motivation to help me max my PT test," said Johnson. 

Army standards vary per sex and age group, but for a 17 to 21-year-old male to max the test, it includes running two miles in 13 minutes, doing 78 situps in two minutes and 71 pushups in another two minutes. 

The overall military individual winner of the competition was Airman 1st Class Matthew Dillon, 190th ARW Student Flight, who earned a 299 out of 300 points. Dillon finished the two mile run in 13.03. 

"I was three seconds over the time limit," said Dillon. Otherwise, he would have earned a perfect score on the Army fitness test. 

Dillon is currently training for basic training, which he will attend in March 2009. He will be assigned to maintenance after returning and plans to compete again next year. Dillon chose to compete after several people encouraged him, including his father, Senior Master Sgt. Brian Dillon, from Ops. 

In the statewide competition, which included Army and Air Force, the 190th ARW earned 3rd place in the team competition. The team members were Dillon, Gutierrez, Johnson, Airman 1st Class Heath Hillrichs and Tech. Sgt. Maggie Large. 

They also earned the top three places in two age groups. 

The top three finishers in the the 17 - 21 age group were Dillon, Hillrichs and Airman 1st Class Austin Bowman. 

The top three finshers in the 22 - 26 age group were Gutierrez, Staff Sgt. Cameron Carlson and Senior Airman Keith Hill. 

Johnson finished second in the 37 - 41 age group while Large finished first in the 42 - 46 age group. 

Johnson was impressed by the support and participation she received from the unit. Student Flight competitors were given Air Force PT uniforms. 

Some commanders, such as Lt. Col. Tony Dejesus, even chose to put personnel on orders to ensure the unit was represented. "I'm excited we had a good response," he said. 

This was the 190th ARW's first year to participate in the TAG Fitness Competition. 

"Everybody's been really cooperative," said Johnson. "We are definitely motivated to compete next year. I am so proud of everyone...I could tell they did their best!" 

Johnson expects even better results at next year's competition. "We anticipate more participation in the 190th and our quest to bring home the 1st place trophy." said Johnson.