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Chief's Council

The 190th ARW Chiefs' Council's purpose is to: aid enlisted personnel; enlisted personnel organizations and programs; and to foster better relations through community involvement to improve quality of life. 

The Group aims to create a social environment which fosters camaraderie and esprit de corps for all 190th ARW Chief Master Sergeants.

First Five Council

To help aid in the communicating process to all enlisted personnel on base, the First Five is now on the Air Force Portal. 

What We Do:  1. Provide a voice for the junior enlisted force, 2. Solicit ideas, concerns and issues from all junior enlisted members, 3. Annual get-togethers and parties for first five members.

A Community of Practice (COP) has been added to the AF Portal. This COP can be accessed world wide anywhere you have internet connection.

Direct link: 

Link via AF Portal:

Top Three Council

The 190th Air Refueling Wing Top Three Council is organized pursuant to authority contained in Air Force Instruction 34-223. 

The name of this organization has been established and henceforth shall be 190th Air Refueling Wing Top Three Council herein known as the 190th Top 3.

Purpose: To establish and maintain a spirit of camaraderie and esprit de corps; enhance the prestige, responsibility, and professional development of all senior noncommissioned officers; and encourage an attitude of unified purpose.

Active membership is open to all active personnel currently assigned to the 190th ARW in the pay grade of E-7 (including selectees), E-8, or E-9. Active members are eligible to hold Executive Board positions and are voting members of this organization.

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