Coyotes participate in unusual, but important mission

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Greg Burnetta
  • 190th ARW Public Affairs
Coyotes performed a 43 hour mission as a cog in a chain of events designed to bring the remains of an American servicemember killed in action in the Vietnam War back home for burial in the United States. 

In late March, 190th ARW members flew from Forbes Field to Southeast Asia in order to pick up human remains unearthed in Cambodia. The remains were then transported to Hawaii, where they will under go medical and forensic exams in an attempt to determine the identity of the deceased servicemember. 

When the 190th was alerted for this mission, they were told that they would have to land in Cambodia and pay an airport landing fee service charge with United States currency. No one knew exactly how much that fee would be, but were told it may be approximately $3,500.00. 

Tech. Sgt. Angelina Siroky, 190th travel pay specialist, was asked to accompany the flight as a pay currier. Prior to the flight, she had to convoy to McConnell Air Force Base, and sign for $10,000 in cash. 

Siroky said once she signed for the money, she was responsible for it and had to have it on her person for the entire mission. "All the way on the road trip from McConnell to Forbes, the flight to Cambodia, and back to Forbes and McConnell," she said. "I was totally 100 percent responsible for it." 

Currier duty like this is generally only performed during deployments, explained Siroky, saying cash is often used because many venders are not equipped to accept credit cards. When the 190th arrived in Cambodia, the airport landing fee was assessed to be $1,400. 

The remains were flown to Hawaii to undergo the examination. Once the remains are positively identified, they will be flown home with military honors for burial.