Coyote Heritage ~ June 2009

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Bill Gilliland
  • 190th ARW Historian

Twelve RB-57's from the 190th Tactical Reconnaissance Group fly over the end of the runway at Forbes Air Force Base on Friday, August 11, 1967. The V formation shown in the picture forms a traditional salute to the new home of the 190th. 

Earlier that day the 190th's 15 B-57s had flown a farewell salute to the former home of the unit, by flying over the downtown area of Hutchinson. The 190th had been formed at the former Naval Air Station southwest of Hutchinson more than 10 years earlier as the 117th Fighter Inceptor Squadron with the F-80 Shooting Star as its primary aircraft. 

Just a year and a half later, it became the 117th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron when the unit received the RB-57s, and then in 1962 had expanded to become the 190th Tactical Reconnaissance Group. 

Two future Commanders of the Group were at the controls of the jets in the picture, Jerry Johnson is in the lead jet, while Charles M. (Mick) Baier is in the lower center jet. Just moments earlier, Lt. Col. Carl Boggs, the 190th's Commander, had been at the controls of the first of the 190th's jets to call Forbes Air Force Base home.