Being an inclusive leader

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Everett Gruver
  • 190th Human Resource Advisor

Diversity is a source of great opportunity - and challenges. We must all be committed to an environment of mutual respect that allows every member of the Air National Guard team to achieve his or her greatest potential.

Benefits of diversity include a broader talent pool and the opportunity for individuals to more fully develop their potential. At the same time, however, new perspectives on creativity, innovation, and performance can be perceived as intrusive. Changes can lead to tension, misunderstanding, and even hostility between old and new, creating problems of coordination and cohesion for diverse organizations. 

It is imperative that we, as leaders, work out the difficulties generated by diversity and reap the rewards. Applying varied perspectives and approaches - such as training and education, being a leader who "walks the talk" and treat each individual we come into contact with dignity, proper acceptance, and courtesy - will pave the way for our Airmen to embrace diversity as the norm. We must seek a deeper understanding of the problems and promise inherent in diverse organizations. 

Our philosophy of diversity goes beyond that of race, creed, ethnicity and gender. We look to promote the diversity of thinking that results from the differences in experiences, knowledge and background of all Airmen. Diversity of thinking will help us continue to encourage the creativity and innovation necessary for the ANG to maintain a competitive advantage in air and space dominance. 

The ANG is committed to a tradition of mutual trust and respect. Our culture is one of confidence, dependability and reliability. This is vital in our mission to Fly, Fight, and Win... now and forever!