Join the Kansas Coyotes!

The 190th Air Refueling Wing is always looking for quality individuals looking to make a difference for their community, state and nation. They supply the Governor of Kansas and the President of the United States with trained and ready forces to respond to emergencies, disasters and missions of the United States military. 

Call 800-435-5149 for the position that is right for you.

**Updated 05 Nov 2022**

AFSC Job Title
1D7X1B Cyber Systems Operations
1D7X1D Cyber Security
1D7X1E Client Systems
1D7X1K Knowledge Operations
1D7X1R RF Transmissions
1N0X1 Operations Intelligence
1P0X1 Aircrew Flight Equipment
1W0X1 Weather **BONUS**
2A5X4A Aerospace Maintenance (Crew Chief 3, Phase 1, R&R 1, MOF 1) 
2A6X2 Aerospace Ground Equipment **BONUS**
2A6X5 Aircraft Hydraulic Systems **BONUS**
2A6X6 Aircraft Electrical & Environmental Systems **BONUS**
2A8X1G Avionics Comm Nav Systems **BONUS**
2A8X2G Instrument and Flight Control Systems 
2F0X1 Fuels (POL) **BONUS**
2R1X1 Maintenance Management Production **BONUS**
2T1X1 Vehicle Operations
2T2X1 Air Transportation 
2T3X1 Vehicle and Vehicular Maintenance **BONUS**
3E0X1 Electrical Systems
3E0X2 Electrical Power Production **BONUS**
3E2X1 Pavements and Construction Equip **BONUS**
3E3X1 Structures 
3E5X1 Engineering Apprentice
3E7X1 Fire Protection
3F0X1 Personnel (MXG 1, OPS 1)
3F2X1 Education and Training (FSS 2, MX 1) *SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS**
3F5X1 Administration (MSG 1, OG 1)
4N0X1 Aerospace Medical Technician

What we can offer

  • "Cutting Edge" Training
  • All training receives college credits 
  • Associates Degree available in all career fields Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)
  • Over 80 career fields / 98% have direct civilian counterpart
  • After initial training is completed - permanent assignment is Topeka
  • Member can only transfer at their request

For More Information

For more information on the opportunities at the 190th and how to join, please click on the following. Magazine Trifold