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  • "Returning the Stone" Story by Tony Moore

    The desert has claimed many a great eagle that soared from the runways of Edwards Air Force Base, but from time-to-time, what the desert takes, the desert returns. I am an aerospace archeologist and along with Pete Merlin, we form a team known as the X-Hunters. We search the desert to reclaim pieces

  • 190th Air Refueling Wing

    Located on Forbes Field Air National Guard Base, Topeka, KS 190th Operations Group 117th Air Refueling Squadron - The flying element of the 190th ARW 190th Operations Support Flight - Responsible for Operational Services and Support, Training, and Mission Ready Personnel to the Flying Squadron,

  • A Bomb Group Again

    In January of 1972, though, a different announcement was made. Instead of the RF-4s, the 190th was to have the B-57Gs being withdrawn from Vietnam . There were 14 left of the original 16. It was something of a blow, but the Pentagon's reasoning was sound enough. The G models were to remain in the

  • And Yet Another Conclusion

    There is a difference between a Guard unit and a unit of the regular Air Force that is not apparent on the surface. Guard units have primarily been made up of men who have lived and grown up in a certain area. A closeness develops that may account for the reason Guard units have excelled in the

  • Basic Facts About the National Guard

    The National Guard originated October 7, 1636 with the formation of the Old North and East Regiments of the Massachusetts Colonial Militia. The 1st Regiment of Middlesex is now the 1st Battalion, 182nd Infantry and the Militia Regiment of Essex County is now the 101st Engineer Battalion,

  • Combat Cranberry

    The commitment of Canberras to Vietnam would ultimately provide new missions and different aircraft for the 190th. This process started with the commitment of a small detachment (never more than six planes) of RB-57Es (tow planes reworked for reconnaissance) in 1963. In August of 1964, following the

  • Conclusion

    There was a tradition in China , enduring over man centuries, which neither biographies nor histories were to be written in the lifetime of the subject. This principal had much to recommend it. There is little as embarrassing as writing an analysis of the character of a man or unit, only to be

  • Enlistment Opportunities

    The 190th Air Refueling Wing is always looking for quality individuals looking to make a difference for thier community, state and nation. They supply the Governor of Kansas and the President of the United States with trained and ready forces to respond to emergencies, disasters and missions of the

  • Five Crew Members of the YB-49

    Daniel Hugh Forbes, Jr.Born - June 6, 1920 in Carbondale, KS, an only childParents - Daniel Sr. and Hattie Forbes of Topeka, KSWife - former Hazel Moog of Defiance, OH Graduated - North High School Wichita, KSAttended - Wichita University Wichita, KS (now Wichita State University)Attended Kansas

  • Formation of the 117th

    By the fall of 1956, the first steps were being taken for the eventual organization of the 117th in Kansas, though the official transfer was still several months away. First, a cadre of trained and experienced Air Guardsmen had to be found. This was easy enough. The 127th Fighter-Interceptor